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VineHeat Electric Underfloor Heating Mat (120 V)

VineHeat Electric Underfloor Heating Mat (120 V)

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About the product 

  • ECONOMICAL – Radiant floor heating systems provide warmth where you live and play while saving money on heating bills. Separate heating zones can reduce electricity bills by an additional 10-20%.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Choose the correct size, then fit the mat to your room by cutting, flipping, and rotating the mat material. The heavy-duty fiberglass mesh is self-adhesive to lay flat on either side.
  • QUIET & EFFICIENT – Electric underfloor heating systems have NO noisy fans; NO drafts and temperature swings of forced air systems; And NO routine maintenance or replacement of filters, or pumps.
  • COMFORTABLE – Make your floors barefoot warm in the coldest of weather. Radiant floor heating evenly distributes cozy warmth to tile, wood, or laminate flooring in residential and commercial settings.
  • OFFERS PEACE OF MIND – UL Approved with a LIFETIME WARRANTY backed by over 15 years of cumulative sales covering an area of nearly 6 million sq. yds. (1,081 football fields) with a repair ratio close to 0%.
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