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VineHeat Self-Adhesive Pipe Freeze Protection Cable

VineHeat Self-Adhesive Pipe Freeze Protection Cable

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About the product 

  • SAFETY – Freezing temperatures threaten your home's water supply and damage pipes and walls. Our electric heating cables protect water supply pipes (PVC and ABS plastic, copper or galvanized) from freezing and bursting.
  • ECONOMICAL – A small investment in pipe heater cable to protect outside water pipes from freezing can save hundreds of dollars in wastewater bills and the cost of repairing pipes and walls.
  • CUSTOM FIT – VineHeat Automatic, Waterproof Tubing Heat Tracking Cables are available in 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 40 foot lengths. For alternating lengths, two cables can be combined from end to end.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The cable comes pre-assembled with a built-in thermostat, grounded plug with power indicator light, velcro straps to secure the cable to the pipe, and an installation manual.
  • Auto - Cable turns on when temperature is below 40º F. To test, plug the cable in and place the thermostat on ice for a few minutes. You will feel the cable start to heat up, then unplug the cable to prevent overheating.


  • Do not use on waste lines, drain lines, fuel lines, or hoses.
  • Do not use a Pipe Freeze Protection Cable for roof and gutter deicing applications.
  • Improper installation use and/or maintenance of electrical heating cable can cause fire, electric shock, and/or freezing of pipe.
  • Make sure there is a properly grounded electrical outlet close enough to plug in the cable.
  • Heating cables must be installed in compliance with the US National Electric Code and Canadian Electrical Code. Ground fault protection (GFCI) of the power supply circuit is required.
  • Proper installations are based on the use of VineHeat specified parts only. Any substitute parts or vinyl electrical tapes should not be used.
  • Do not connect power to the heating cable while it is coiled.
  • Do not install a damaged heating cable.
  • The minimum pipe length is 3'.
  • Never allow the heating cable to touch, cross, or overlap itself at any point.
  • Disconnect the cable from its power source during installation.
  • Always keep the heating section of the system at least 1'' away from combustible surfaces.

Manual/Installation Files

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